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Customer Testimonials


Angie is very knowledgeable, smart and kind. She takes the “stress” out of filing bankruptcy. She answered all my questions, took my phone calls, emails and stress! I can’t say bankruptcy is easy, but she made it easy.

-July 24, 2018,
  • "Bankruptcy"

    Angelique was amazing through the whole process. She answered any and all of my questions, was always patient and helpful, and just made the whole process pain free.

-July 19, 2018,

"Excellent Service"
My very first encounter with Mrs. Crabill was very professional, and she made the environment conducive for me to feel that things were going to work out for me. I appreciate her openness, frankness, and concern as she guided me the each process of my case. She is exceptional in every are of her profession, and I was highly pleased with her service.

- June 12, 2018,


From our first time meeting Angelique, she made the process more bearable and easy to understand . She was professional but compassionate with our situation, we highly recommend her if you are in a situation such as this . She kept us educated and informed throughout the whole process.

- June 12, 2018,
"Terrific Follow Through beginning to end"
Like many, I was devastated to find myself in a position of considering bankruptcy, particularly since many of my debts were a result of dealing with fallout from a family emergency. At my first meeting with Angie she put my fears to rest with her caring nature and helped me to see the reasons why bankruptcy laws were put into place. We proceeded and the process was very straightforward. I can attest that she is with you to the end of your plan, whether you have a need for modification or assistance with creditors popping up long after the fact. Very happy with her services through the entire process.

-February 4, 2018,

"Competent and caring"

Angie was a wonderful fit for my situation. She got right to work at our initial meeting. All paperwork was completed in a timely manner. All contact and correspondence was professional and detailed. Thank you Angie for your services.

-October 4, 2017,

"Excellent Representation!"
I contacted Angie after meeting with two other attorneys (who were, by the way, less expensive) and knew immediately that she was the right fit for me. This filing was humiliating for me and Angie allowed me to cry and laughed along with me. She was always available for my calls and answered every question I had. Her experience coupled with her calm manner make her the perfect choice for an attorney in her field. I hope I never need her services again but I do hope to run into her in the future! Thanks, Angie!

-August 9, 2017,

"Great Advice!!"
I met with Ms. Crabill because I wasn't sure of my options or if I even should pursue bankruptcy after a complicated and difficult divorce. Ms. Crabill met with me, took the time to hear what my situation is, she asked thoughtful questions and then discussed my options with me. I was worried and confused before meeting with her and felt so much better after discussing my specific family needs and overall situation with her. She somehow made me feel so much better about my crazy current life circumstances. She also provided outside contacts and resources to help me with my specific needs, instead of just moving directly to Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. If I had to move forward with 7 or 13 then I definitely would have hired her. I really appreciate her help and advice. She is a class act!

- July 25, 2017,

"Competent, talented and caring"

Angelique from the first meeting was professional yet caring. She answered all questions in full. Angelique is reasonably priced and will work with you. I would recommend her wholeheartedly.

Angelique's services were on point as she explains every aspect of the procedure, what to expect and potential hiccups.

- April 18, 2017,

I contacted Angie back in September or October and met with her and I knew from our first meeting I was going to use her. She really knows what she is talking about my case was done by December and to this day if I have any questions I call her and she answers my questions right away. I would refer her to any one I know that needs a bankruptcy lawyer.
- March 26, 2017,
"5.0 stars"

I hired Angie to represent me in my Chapter 7 bankruptcy case. I was nervous & confused about the process. Angie guided me through with kindness & understanding. She was thorough in her research & filed all paperwork in a timely fashion. Her friendly, non-judgmental manner made this difficult emotional process much easier to bear. I highly recommend Angie Crabill!

- February 16, 2017,

""Awesome Service!"

From my consultation to my filing, Ms. Crabill has been fantastic! Very knowledgeable, thorough and informative, she made a difficult time in my life, manageable. She explained the process to me in detail, keeping me informed at every turn. Great attorney! I would highly recommend her, to anyone needing legal assistance. Thank you Ms Crabill, and keep up the good work."

- February 17, 2017,

"Thank you!"

"From the consult up to today Ms. Crabill was honest and got straight to the point. She made me an accountable part of my bankruptcy process. She kept me up to date with everything that was happening. Very prompt with returning calls and being on time."

- November 30, 2016,

"Excellently Handled Bankruptcy case"

"Mrs. Crabill has been a tremendous help to our family every since we OBTAINED her services years ago. She has gone over and beyond in helping our family make a fresh start and receiving great financial education. She came in at a time that my husband and I got ill and were about to lose everything. She is a Attorney that knows her stuff."

-  November 23, 2016,

"Chapter 7 Bankruptcy"

"We hired Angelique to represent us in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy case. Angelique was very knowledgeable and after providing her with the information she needed, was thorough and efficient. What he said would happen did and the case was resolved in a very timely manner. She was quite good indeed."

-  November 21, 2016,


"Extremely friendly, professional, non-judgemental and informative. Angelique helped me start over again! I have a new lease on life. If I can't pay for it outright - then I don't need it! Thanks A"

-  November 17, 2016,

"Great Service! "

"My parents needed assistance with Chapter 7 when my father was placed in a nursing home. We met with Angelique and hired her to represent them. She was really terrific guiding us through the process and working with my mom who was 85 and struggling with the need for bankruptcy. I would highly recommend her."

-  November 16, 2016,

"Chapter 7 had no choice"

"Angie did a great job of walking me through my Chapter 7 bankruptcy. As stressful as it is she made it seem easy and painless. If I ever have any future legal matters I will be reaching out to her for help."

- November 16, 2016,

"Awesome and Patient"

"Ms Crabill one of the best lawyers I have worked with. She was patient, helpful and knowledgeable to my debt issue. I would highly recommend Ms. Crabill to assist with your issue of Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation. Her expertise was beyond the realm of any lawyer I have ever spoken with or contacted for help/advice. I highly recommend her services."

-September 24, 2016,

"By far Angelique did a superior job representing me on my bankruptcy. She was on her game from the minute I called her for help. I was in need to start the process in an immediate state due to I had a sheriff show up at my house to levy my contents from a judgment placed upon me. She was professional, honest, and well educated in bankruptcy filings. She never missed a beat to get it done. She worked immediately to have that judgment stayed and she was successful. I never wanted to experience bankruptcy, but with her on my side, with the experience and her expertise, it went flawless. I highly recommend her."

-April 20, 2016,

"Excellent Service"

"My wife and I were well pleased with the services provided by Mrs. Crabill. We will use her for legal problems and recommend her to anyone we know that needs legal advice."

-January 27, 2016,

"Overall best lawyer I've ever used"

Angelique is a good kind hearted person whose compassion is like no other lawyer I've met with. She's very knowledgeable about the law and after talking to her for 10 minutes I felt relieved and joyous to find out she could help. Angelique saved me and I'm grateful to have found her. I will definitely recommend her to family, friends and anyone else that may need a bankruptcy lawyer. Thanks again Angelique

-January 1, 2016,

"The best Bankruptcy Attorney - Ever!"

"Angie Crabill is outstanding. She actually deserves 10 stars if that were possible. She knows the law and explains all your options in a manner that is easily understood. As far as bankruptcy, there's chapter 7 and chapter 13. Angie explains both to you and tells you which, in her opinion, is best for you. She then leaves the decision up to you which to choose. And she handles your case efficiently and as quickly as possible, explaining everything all along the way. Angie is compassionate and has empathy, but also knows how to get down to business and get the job done."

- March 28, 2015,

"The Best"

"Mrs. Crabill is the best Attorney I have had the pleasure of interacting with. She listens to you thoroughly and repeats back to you what you've said to make she is accurate of your needs. She walks you through the process and give you options as to what would be in your best interest.
I would and have recommended her to some people. I would not hesitate to use her services in the future."


- December 5, 2014,

"Experienced a financial setback hired Angie to help me through the crisis. Through her expertise and knowledge of the law she helped me save my properties. She will give you her advice but will also respect yours when it comes to courtroom decisions. So I like the fact that I have a lawyer that works in the best interest of her clients."

- November 9, 2014,